The Cigarette Butt Bin is a uniquely designed cigarette butt receptacle that helps reduce littering by smokers.The custom designed wide angled top allows butts to fall in to the bin by gravity reducing the unsightly collection of butts “stuck” at the top that is seen by so many other designs. The Butt Bin is emptied by a single one handed key operation.There is no handling of the contents of the bin at all. This greatly reduces the risk of contamination by the handler and the risk of needle stick injury if inappropriate contents were put in to the bin.



  • Height: 1000mm
  • Diameter: 165mm


  • Receptacle – 304 Stainless Steel
  • 50 x 50 RHS Steel Post – Zinc Plated
  • 8mm Steel Base Plate – Zinc Plated
  • Unique “Key Only” Operating System


  • Powdercoated in your choice of colour


  • Surface mounted with Dyna bolts
  • In ground

Download Sheets & Support

 Full specification sheet (pdf)

 Maintenance sheet (pdf)

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