Street Furniture doesn’t need to be intrusive as with our Porous Paving, a tailored and natural looking solution for urban areas. Soak Thru is a safe bonded aggregate that provides a viable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional tree grates. It’s an innovative and economical paving system with no back filling required. It allows water to filter down to the tree roots while providing protection against the normal loads associated with pedestrian and light vehicle access.  No grates also means it’s virtually maintenance free, there is no unsightly rubbish and the paving can be installed directly around the tree. The Soak Thru paving is also ideal for tree grate application. The preferred method of installation is directly around the tree, but alternatively can be installed into a frame* to make porous paving removable.


*Please note that some restrictions in use will apply by utilising this method.


Features & Benefits

  • Minimises trip hazards
  • Stops unsightly litter / cigarette butt collection
  • Safe non slip surface – Tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4586:1999 Standard.
  • Water filters quickly through to tree roots and subsoil – Tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4456.16:1997 – 4673mls per minute.
  • Installed by experienced installers on site
  • System can be tailored to suit your individual application
  • Variety of aggregate finishes available
  • Growth rings can be inserted to account for tree growth
  • Logo or Motif can be incorporated into finished grate

Download Sheets & SupportISO-9001-2008-Certification-Mark

 Full specification sheet (pdf)
 Maintenance sheet (pdf)
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