The O fountain

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The O Fountain - Blank Canvas

The O fountain

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The O fountain combines form and function with art to create a stunning centrepiece for projects of all sizes. It’s the brainchild of designer Gretha Oost who developed the fountain as a tool to achieve the mission of her organisation, The O initiative, which aims to reduce the excessive use of single-use plastic bottles worldwide.

Supplied as a blank white canvas, the O fountain can be painted by an artist of your choice. The ability to turn this fountain into a functional sculpture will engage your community and aid in both placemaking and positive community engagement.

For more information on how to install this fountain and how to engage a local artist, see our downloadable resources below or get in touch with the Urban+ team.
+ Height: 1395mm
+ Width: 804mm
+ Bottle Refill & Sculpture In One
+ 15mm Glass Reinforced Concrete Body
+ Filtered Water
+ Disabled Accessible
+ Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use
+ Two Activation Points, Side and Top
+ Side Cover Plate to Acknowledge Partners
+ Stainless Steel Base Plate
+ Australian Made
+ Watermark Certified

+ Model: OFOUNT




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