If you are doing anything for City Council, you need Tree Grates that are classified to ensure durability and safety for the public.

At Urban FF, we are one of the few companies with the certification to supply load ratings and requirements to Australian Standards AS3996:2006. Our Australian made tree grates are far superior to the aluminium grates currently on the market. Using heavy duty laser cut steel, Urban FF’s tree grates are certified by structural engineers.


It’s not just about the thickness of the grate, but a combination of grate, sub frame and sub soil, which are correctly designed to achieve this certification. There are many things to consider before purchasing a tree grate to ensure it’s going to be a worthwhile investment. The intended location, type of traffic, consistency and potential maximum size and weight will all be hindering factors.

The concern for non-rated tree grates is not only the trip hazard and potential litigation, but it also being non cost effective, when having to replace cheaper alternatives that don’t last. A damaged tree grate is unsightly and can bring down the whole appearance of a streetscape. You can take comfort in knowing Urban FF’s durable trafficable tree grates will provide everlasting style to an area.

Specialising in laser cut, custom and off-set grates, our products are hard wearing, reliable and stylish. We can supply tree grates up to 20 Tonne or Class F, as well as non-rated grates.

Our latest addition to the collection is our anti-slip coating to meet the needs of increasing pedestrian safety. This finish is available in a range of colours and can be used for a W rating for footpaths. All of our grates can be made in any existing design or custom size and patterns, as well as being able to use with new or existing trees.


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