Urban Fountains and Furniture were approached by Baulderstone Hornibrook (BH) to provide BCC Furniture for the Brisbane Square Project. They required 56 sets of tree grates and frames comprising of 2 different sizes, 1200 x 1600 and 1600 x 1600.

Urban Fountains and Furniture has extensive experience in the manufacture and supply of BCC Furniture so this scope of work did not pose any particular challenge not even when 10 rubbish bins were added to the order last minute.

During the course of production of the tree grates, BH approached us for advice on the manufacture and installation of 128 skateboard lugs for use on seats and garden surrounds. Although BH knew what size lug they required they were unsure of what material should be used and how their employees were going to install on site.

As a result, we advised on different material types and thicknesses and the benefits of each different type; and also recommended the use of a drilling jig to ensure easy and accurate installation by BH employees on site. We were able to design and manufacture the lugs and jigs at our workshop facility in Archerfield.

BH soon realised that our staff had a very practical approach to problem solving solutions and enlisted our help again when they required the manufacture of custom made aluminium back rests for the space’s various concrete & aluminium seats.

The concrete base of the seats were supplied by concrete specialists and Urban Fountains and Furniture manufactured the back rests to suit.

Two different components of the same item being manufactured separately at different sites posed several different challenges.

  1. The initial drawings had to be extremely accurate.
  2. The backrests needed to be made precisely to the drawing with no margin for error.
  3. During the design, the attachment of the back rests to the concrete base had to be considered.
  4. The strength and durability of the finished product could not be compromised due to the installation technique.
  5. Jigs for accurate installation of back rests needed to be designed and manufactured for use by BH staff.
  6. Parameters set by BH for cost and time needed to be adhered to.
  7. Effective communication between all parties involved was of paramount importance to prevent any error.
  8. The project was completed successfully on time and on budget with an extremely high standard of workmanship and professionalism from all parties, and we are proud to have had a key role to play in what has become an iconic space in the heart of the city.