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For a small monthly fee, get an Urban+ drinking fountain without the hassle. We handle everything from installation, maintenance and the ongoing life of the product.

Service & Maintenance

Purchase an Urban+ drinking fountain, sign up to our service & maintenance program and we will help extend the life of your drinking fountain.


Purchase an Urban+ drinking fountain and have confidence knowing you purchased something built to last. Remember to contact us for any restoration needs.


Our subscription program means you place an order once and never worry about the service and maintenance of your drinking fountain again. By subscribing with Urban+ you are only paying for the service of the product, we take on the responsibility of making it last a lifetime.

Why subscription is better

In a linear economy, drinking fountains are purchased, rarely maintained and then placed in landfill. In a circular economy, subscription creates a shift to create products that are built to last rather than designed for replacement.

By subscribing we will

By subscribing you

*Drinking fountain installation is also available in some locations. Get in touch for more info.

Service & Maintenance

Similar to our subscription program except you own the fountain outright. Urban+ will make sure that the fountain remains in great shape so that the public can continue to utilise it for years to come.

What is different from subscription?

What is the same as subscription?

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Purchase your Urban+ drinking fountain outright and enjoy. At any point you can join our service & maintenance program and remember to contact us for any restoration needs.

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