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Custom street and park furniture solutions

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Custom made street furniture solutions

We offer a full custom furniture design service that allows close consultation between our clients and our in-house design and manufacturing team. By working together, we are able to help our clients reach a practical working solution for their unique design needs.

We can work within any design, budget, or time constraints that may be enforced on a project or development.

Our team are able to offer advice on any alternative use of materials, fixings and finishes that may result in a more practical or economical item without compromising on product quality, functionality, or aesthetics.

How it works

Step 1

Our expert design team will listen to your brief, work collaboratively through many concepts until a clear solution is developed. As part of our service, we will offer ideas and solutions to make the project more sustainable.

Step 2
Concept Modelling

Throughout the process we will continue to work on the drawing and CAD models. As the concept develops, we will develop 3D models and renders so you are able to fully visualise the solution. Once the design is finalised, we will develop detailed drawings ready for manufacture.

Step 3

Once the drawings have been finalised, we move to develop a prototype of the product. The prototyping stage may involve development of a scale model / 3D printed models or fabricated elements. Once the details are finalised, a full working prototype will be fabricated and any suggestions for improvement documented at this stage.

Step 4

With a sign-off of the prototype, production drawings are approved and the product is now ready for production.

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Customised standard products

All of our standard products can also be modified to suit your unique application. As the manufacturer of these products, we are able to alter dimensions, substitute different materials or add/remove components from any item as desired. If you have any particular requirements or would like to modify versions of any model in our product range, simply contact us to discuss your needs with our team.


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