Hume Street Toowoomba

Custom made tree grates for a new shopping mall in Toowoomba

About the Project

We were approached by Jonathon Weinert Architects to design and offer advice on the manufacture of 4 custom made tree grates for a new shopping mall in Toowoomba. Jonathan had the grates’ dimensions and rough sketches of a proposed pattern.

Because the grates were an unusual shape and an abnormally large size there were many factors to be taken in to consideration. This included developing an appropriate way to divide the various sections, and coming up with a grid pattern that would be aesthetically pleasing yet would not compromise the structural integrity of the grate.

We prepared AutoCAD drawings of different designs and Jonathon chose the striking design seen here. The contemporary “galvanized only” finish approximates a stainless steel look without the price. To achieve a more uniform galvanized finish it was decided to grit blast the grates first to ensure that the surface finish was smooth and sleek.

McNab Constructions were the project managers for this project and also wanted a strong and durable rubbish bin for the shopping car park area. The Aston Bin was a perfect choice for this area with its sleek design and robust nature. Made from 8mm steel plate, the Aston Bin will withstand the harshest treatment. McNab Constructions opted for sheet metal sides in preference to timber battens to further increase durability and reduce maintenance.

“Urban produced some simple custom tree grates from simple sketches for Hume Street, Toowoomba that perfectly offset some mature grass trees, and helped overcome issues with pedestrian suitability for the higher profile entry areas of the project.”
– Jonathan Weinert
JW Concepts

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