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Versatile and easily adapted to suit every end application, the A950 drinking fountain has it all.

Setting out to create an innovative drinking fountain, infrastructure experts Urban+ developed the state-of-the-art A950 to serve the hydration needs of the general public. A fountain to replace all fountains, the A950 not only fills all the fundamental functional requirements of a drinking fountain, it also offers signage display and integrated art, all rolled into one handy unit.

Utilising its 20+ years of industry experience, Urban+ developed and fabricated the A950 based on research derived for its stakeholders. Those that would specify the product were looking for a sleek and contemporary design, something that could blend with its surroundings or be used as a placemaking statement. Users were also looking for a modular design that would allow them to fill multiple needs, such as adjustable signage, accessibility, dog bowl options and bottle filling convenience. Another consideration was smart tech; the design needed to be futureproofed to allow for new and upcoming technological advancements.

In addition, many stakeholders are looking for longevity in their specified products, meaning the A950 needed to be vandal resistant, easy to clean, service and maintain, as well as include activation options such as push buttons or sensors to guarantee easy usage for those less able-bodied. Australian made is also highly desirable. That’s a lot to pack into one product!

During the development stage of the A950 design, Gary Allan, owner of Urban+, was inspired while watching water run off a leaf while hiking through nature. Observing how it was captured by the natural fall of the leaf shape, and how the water then flowed seamlessly down the centre of the leaf’s spine, Gary wondered if it was possible to capture the simplicity of nature’s own perfect design and replicate that type of engineering into a drinking fountain.

After a few false starts, it soon became clear that no current tooling or manufacturing method would be able to effectively reproduce the desired shape, function or size required to manufacture a substantial drinking fountain. After many months of internal design iterations and countless hours designing and developing their own custom tooling, the team at Urban+ were able to replicate the natural flow of water as that of water running off a leaf – and the A950 standard body shape was born!

From this point, the design quickly evolved to include all the necessary features and options their clients expected in a modern drinking fountain. Crafted from high-grade stainless steel to ensure longevity and anti-corrosion properties, the A950 features a powdercoated finish, with as many as 100 colours to choose from, making it highly customisable for any project. Custom-made tapware is incorporated for additional strength and anti-vandal resistance, while high-end plastics are used for signage durability.

More than just a bubbler, the A950 includes a bottle filler and integrated dog bowl and has an AS1428 compliance option. Dual purpose fountain heights are available, as is an information sign board that allows customers to integrate unique artwork or wayfinding information. Decorative laser cut or etched panels add further scope for artistic customisation that helps create an individual identity in any location.

With its single-piece body construction and multiple contours, the A950 showcases a unique shape unlike anything else on the market. The water angle and runoff design mean the water flow stays central and there is no splash. The water runoff also fills up the dog bowl, so Fido always has clean water to drink.

The standard body design is versatile in its simplicity, allowing multiple applications and add-on options for customisation. This modular design also opens the door for regular refurbishment throughout the product’s lifecycle, allowing it to be updated or refit to suit ongoing needs for generations. The ability to change the decorative art panels also means the A950 will always be relevant, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Currently in use in a number of projects across Australia and in the USA, the A950 has a proven track record in the field, highly favoured for its display possibilities as well as its high-end look and ease of function.


Designer Gary Allan
Design Engineer Nathan Ferguson
Tooling Design Paul Oliver
Manufacture Urban+
Powdercoating Urban Coatings
Graphics Sunset Signs


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