Product Certifications

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Product Certifications


All Urban+ drinking fountains and refill stations are WaterMark certified to standard WMTS105:2016.

This standard sets out the minimum product requirements for the connection of appliances to the water service or sanitary plumbing piping.

Products with WaterMark certification include;

  • Apollo A280
  • Apollo A280W
  • Apollo A300
  • Apollo A880
  • Apollo A900
  • Pet Friendly PF400
  • Pet Friendly PF450 
  • Bottle Refill BF200
  • Bottle Refill BF200W
  • Bottle Refill Single Tap BF200WM
  • Bottle Refill Strip BF200WM 
  • Bottle Refill BF400T/P
  • The O fountain

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Product Certifications

ISO Certification

Urban+’s professional quality management system is third party certified by TQCS International to standard ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001 provides customers with piece-of-mind when purchasing products from the same supplier as it ensures quality standards are consistently being maintained. Every single Urban+ product undergoes a strict quality management process that is enforced and upheld by senior management.

Sustainability goals

We are committed to helping our planet through a circular economy, offering subscription and ownership based models.