How You Benefit with Urban

When you deal with Urban, you can be assured that you will be supplied with high quality, yet reasonably priced street furniture, accompanied by a high level of personalised service. We pride ourselves on always delivering high quality products every time, on time. In fact, there are eight key qualities that you can rely on when you deal with us

At the end of the day, we value and encourage close working relationships with our clients and truly enjoy helping them create new & exciting urban landscapes.

  1. Reliability – Your deadlines will be met, because we simply deliver products on time and do everything we say that we are going to do.
  2. Practicality – Our tradesmen have many years experience and know which designs and ideas will work best to help you achieve what you want.
  3. Flexibility – Because we are the manufacturer, we can alter anything to your requirements and work within whatever constraints you may have.
  4. Efficiency – Whether your project is small and simple or large and complicated, we are structured to appropriately prioritise your job according to your needs.
  5. Understanding – You want a high quality product at a reasonable price within a reasonable time. We understand that and will support you to make it happen.
  6. Passion – With Urban you are working with a team of people that are passionate about what we do, and take pride in doing it well.
  7. High Quality – All our products are made to the highest possible standard. We use only first grade materials and professional staff and tradespeople.
  8. Competitive Pricing – We deliver at a very good price because we are the manufacturer. There is no “middle man” taking his cut, so you reap the savings.