Custom designed gabions

About the Project

Urban Fountains and Furniture were excited to work in consultation with Boyds Bay Landscaping on the manufacture of custom designed Gabions for the refurbishment of Hayman Island Resort.

The Gabions were exclusively designed by Jamie Durie Design who were integral in the redesign process of the cyclone ravaged Hayman Island resort.


Gabions are large decorative cages filled with soil and rocks to hold plants that are used as a decorative feature throughout the many extensive gardens of the resort.


There were 3 different sizes of Gabions, 1500mm, 2100mm and 2700mm diameter. Corresponding Jigs were custom made to ensure all Gabions were accurately made. The Gabions were manufactured from steel. Rolled Hollow steel tubing gave the gabion its initial shape and also acted as a supporting frame for the laser cut decorative straps. The flat bar straps were welded in place in an interwoven design which not only gave the Gabion its striking pattern but also gave added strength to the overall structure. The completed Gabions were then Hot Dipped Galvanised and painted. They were then transported by truck and barge from Brisbane to Hayman Island Resort.

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