Need an AS1428 compliant drinking fountain?

Introducing 3 stylish DDA compliant designs

With 25yrs experience in drinking fountain design and manufacture, Urban+ have a large range of outdoor drinking fountains and bottle fillers to suit all abilities and all applications including 3 stylish DDA compliant designs. 

Apollo280 (DFA280)

Urbans most popular fountain, the Apollo280 (DFA280) is now available at 700mm high and with an extended basin making it AS1428 compliant. This new design still incorporates all the standard features and options you would expect from an Urban+ fountain, including bottle filler, tap and dog, catchment tray and maintenance tap. 

Apollo450 (DFA450)

The Apollo450 (DFA450) is an all-stainless steel fountain that comes with the bottle filler AND tap and dog bowl as standard. The stylish removable side panels enable the customer to personalise the fountain with their own branding, colours and logo. Incorporating sensor touch activation design, the A450 is proving to be a popular choice for architects and designers who require a compliant fountain for their park or streetscape project. 

Apollo950 (DFA950)

Lastly, but definitely not least, Urban’s new state of the art Apollo950 (DFA950) drinking fountain is the most versatile fountain on the market, designed to be slimline and unobtrusive in a natural setting but also has the ability to stand out and make a statement in a more dynamic environment. 

The A950 has a DDA compliant version meeting all the AS1428 requirements and is available in many different stylish combinations, including single basin, dual basin, with or without artistic backing plate and optional signage/noticeboard. 

The standard A950 is crafted from a solid stainless-steel plate and comes with its own custom designed drainage grate.  The optional artistic backing plate transforms each fountain in to a piece of functional art that can be personalised with any design to compliment your project. 

Each fountain has a variety of different options available including touchless sensor activation, bottle refill, optional tap and dog bowl or additional maintenance tap. 

Contact Urban+ today to ask which AS1428 fountain will suit your project. 

For more details contact Urban+ [email protected] 


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