Original and unique creative balustrading design

Kenmore gets a facelift with some exciting new furniture and artistic balustrading

UrbanFF were commissioned by Brisbane City Council and creative artist Pamela Denise, to manufacture and supply the unique artwork to be incorporated in to the balustrades at Kenmore as part of their Urban Community Renewal Project. The design of the balustrades chronicles the change in travel and mode of transport along the busy stretch of road that was once a track. The artwork depicts footprints from the Indigenous Lifestyle to horse and cart to today’s frantic buses and cars that whizz along the street while still retaining the relationship with the surrounding natural beauty and wildlife.

Urban was approached to undertake this work because of their extensive history of working in close collaboration with architects, artists and designers helping to bring their concepts to a structural reality.UrbanFF has an impeccable reputation for producing quality custom work on unique projects within specified time and budget constraints.

The Balustrades were made from 10mm flat bar steel which was galvanised. The unique art workwas laser cut in 8mm steel plate and galvanised, powdercoated and a protective anti-graffiti coating applied.

As part of this project UrbanFF also produced the BCC standard products that were to be installed alongside the balustrading namely bench seats, new stainlessdrinking fountains, bike racks and coloured concrete stools.


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