Putting the pieces together

The idea of visiting an IKEA store can be unbelievably daunting to many – the endless walkways, maze of products and just so much to looks at.
One great thing about IKEA though, is the way they create the base – their basic products are simple, modern and hugely popular – yet they can combined, mixed and matched and added to in ways that make them work with so many different styles. You can take that simple bookcase and create a minimalist display case, a fun kids’ store cupboard, a serious library or a mad collector’s treasure trove.
That’s what we aim to do with our Urban designs – create beautiful, modern pieces at home in any urban streetscape either on their own or as a collection. With clean lines, consistency in design language and materials, our range of locally designed and manufactured furniture are interchangeable and work together the help create the look you need – no matter what it may be.
by Gary Allan


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