Sustainable Bottle Refill Stations For Schools

We all know keeping students hydrated is important for not only their health but also their concentration and learning ability. After all, around 70% of our bodies are made up of water.

With the warmer weather well and truly here and with an increased concern around hygiene standards, providing fit-for-purpose water bottle refill points throughout schools is now a necessity – not a luxury.

We have been in the drinking fountain and bottle refill station business for over 20 years and have supplied products to some of Australia’s most frequented public spaces. We know what is required to build a durable drinking fountain that can withstand high-volume use while also ensuring it fits in with the school environment.

We pride ourselves on quality products that are manufactured the right way, not cutting corners to cut costs, and this has resulted in our reputation for being leaders in this space.

For schools looking to provide hydration points for the first time or for those looking to update their facilities, we have options for all needs and budgets.

The BF200WM

Starting off with the most budget-conscious option, the BF200WM is an extremely durable, wall-mounted bottle refill station available as a 1, 2, 3, or 4 tap refill strip. One of the best features of the BF200WM is the ease at which it can be installed above existing water bubbler troughs, making use of existing plumbing, and therefore saving a considerable amount on installation costs.

Other features of the BF200WM include:

  • Easy push and fill activation
  • Spring-loaded auto shutoff
  • Made from high-quality 316 stainless steel
  • Welded not bolted for enhanced vandal resistance
  • Powder coat finish in over 100+ colours (optional)
  • Watermark certification

The BF200W

The next model up from the BF200WM is its sister product, the BF200W, which has the same functionality as the BF200WM but with a more aesthetic look. This product features a Dulux powder coat frame with ‘refill’ signage and a stainless steel front panel with our signature drink bottle shape etched into the steel.

Other features of the BF200W include:

  • Easy push and fill activation
  • Spring-loaded auto shutoff
  • Solid 8mm steel construction
  • Welded not bolted for enhanced vandal resistance
  • Powder coat finish in over 100+ colours 
  • Optional catchment tray, carbon filter or anti-graffiti coating
  • Watermark certification

The CF400

For schools looking for a chilled solution, our new CF400 has been designed to deliver both water bubbler and bottle refill points in the one convenient and modern unit. Available as a 3 tap, 2 tap or single tap unit, the CF400 has a 72 L/hour chilling capacity capable of managing the lunchtime rush. It also has the flexibility to blend in with or stand out from the school environment with customisable colours and an optional logo or signage panel add-on.

Other features of the CF400 include:

  • Easy push button activation (sensor-activation optional)
  • 72L/hour chilling capacity
  • Available as a 1, 2 or 3 tap unit
  • Powder coat finish in over 100+ colours 
  • Floor or wall mounted installation options
  • Optional artwork or logo panel inclusion
  • Watermark certification

For more information about any of the above school bottle refill and bubbler options, contact the friendly Urban+ team at [email protected] or 07 3382 7372.


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