Why We Love Working with Timber

Plastic fantastic – No Way

Timber has so many amazing qualities which make it a great material to design with.  From its natural warmth to its environmental attributes – we like using a variety of timbers at Urban FF.

With such huge variation in colours, stains and finishes, timber is a really flexible street furniture design material.  Whether it is a traditional, heritage look or a clean modern feel – timber can be the perfect solution.

Timber is also a great material for the Australian climate.  It ages well, develops a beautiful, softened patina over time and is very easily refreshed.

An added bonus with using wood as a design material is its standing as an easily renewable resource.  As wood continues to store carbon after it has been harvested it is great from an environmental perspective.

Warm, beautiful, sustainable, sturdy and flexible – street furniture built with timber has so many positive qualities.

by Gary Allan


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