DB06 Day Bed

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DB06 Day Bed

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The DB06 Day Bed is not only a strong and functional piece of street furniture, but one that is also aesthetically pleasing by incorporating the timeless look of timber, polished stainless and powder-coated steel. The addition of bullnose profile timber edges creates a more modern design making this bed distinct from other day beds currently on the market.
+ Seat Height: 440mm
+ Seat Width: 1800mm
+ Seat Length: 1800mm
+ Weight: 200kg
+ Solid Construction Steel Frame
+ Hot Spray Galvanised and Powder coated
+ 31mm x 68mm Hardwood Timber Battens
+ Intergrain DWD triple protection finish
+ Decorative Bull nose timber
+ Polished 316 Stainless Steel side panel
+ Welded not bolted
+ 316 S/S Fixings
+ Surface Mounted
+ Australian Made
+ Stainless Steel or Aluminium Frame
+ Custom sizes available
+ 1200 x 1200 / 1500×1500 / 2000x2000mm
+ Skateboard lugs
+ Standard Timber stain
+ More colours also available – See the Dulux Colour Guide

+ Model: DB06 Day Bed




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