A280 Drinking Fountain Restoration

Restore & Refill

About the Project

Urban+ has been restoring drinking fountains for over fifteen years. As fountains age and begin to lose their visual appeal due to vandalism, external damage or extended wear and tear, Urban encourages customers to return their fountain for a make-over.

As we commit to driving the circular economy it is apparent that ageing products do not need to be discarded and thrown into landfill but instead can be revitalised and remain fit for purpose for many more years to come. Often, it is purely cosmetic damage that needs refreshing and the structural integrity of the product remains solid. Restoring a fountain is more cost effective than purchasing new and extends the life of the asset.  


WaterMark Compliance

The ability to update and refresh a previous non-WaterMarked fountain to bring it into compliance to meet the plumbing code is another added benefit of returning a fountain for restoration. It is also an opportunity to make modifications such as adding a tap, bottle refill or dog bowl.


All Urban+ refurbished fountains are returned to their owner in a ‘as good as new’ condition where it can be extremely difficult to distinguish that it is, in fact, not 100% brand new.

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