Urban Fountains and Furniture were excited to work in consultation with Forrester Architects and Walton Construction to advise on the design and manufacture of Stainless Steel Rod Seating for the new Aboriginal and Islander Community Health Service Building in Woolloongabba. Forrester Architects wanted to use an adaptation of our wall mounted city seat and our SB 3 steel rod seat to make a strong wall mounted seat that required little on going maintenance.

The seats were to be mounted on to curved concrete form work. Due to the seats being manufactured off site, we needed to ensure that the radius of the seats was going to match the radius of the form work at the time of construction. We manufactured and supplied a template that was used by the building contractor to make sure that the radiuses were the going to be same. This was applicable to all 3 custom seats that had differing radiuses. The longest seat at 4m had to be manufactured in 2 sections.

All seats were manufactured using high grade 316 stainless steel. The steel rods were solid 16mm round bar and supported by 8mm stainless steel brackets. The seats were polished and treated prior to installation to reduce the effects of tea staining. Skateboard lugs were welded along the length of the seat to prevent damage by skaters.

The result is a visually simple elegant range of seats that is not only strong and durable but comfortable to sit on and easy to maintain.