Dunsborough Park Facelift

Unique items that reflect a contemporary style

About the Project

The community of Dunsborough in Western Australia has recently enjoyed a redevelopment of Lions Park; a small landscape in the heart of the town. Having successfully worked with street and park furniture specialists Urban Fountains & Furniture (UFF) before, Busselton Shire Council once again approached the company with a request to develop unique items that reflect a contemporary style for installation in the local public space.

In conjunction with Busselton Shire, UFF designed and manufactured water drain grates for an existing water feature and a custom table tennis net. Reflecting the client’s desired style and project requirements, UFF chose durable stainless steel materials with a sleek polished finish to complete both items.

The table tennis net included welded pins that were anchored into the polished concrete playing surface with Chemset™ to ensure strength and to prevent the net from bending if vandalised. The water grate was screwed into a custom made C-channel frame that was designed to be compact, yet strong enough to support pedestrian traffic.

The final unique design was drawn by UFF’s director. The pattern of the designs was influenced by modern street art and existing furniture on the site. Both products were fabricated from laser cut 316 marine grade stainless steel. Once fabricated, the net and grate received a smooth polished grit finish.

The Results

The end result saw the original objectives achieved and added flair to the small seaside town.

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