Custom artwork for A280 Fountain

Customised artwork for A280 Fountain with Recessed Plaque

About the Project

Urban Fountains and Furniture was called upon by Livingstone Shire Council to design and manufacture a water fountain to celebrate Indigenous Australian history for this years’ National Reconciliation Week.

Urban Fountains and Furniture (UFF) are proud to acknowledge Australia’s traditional custodians and their landmark history in the design of a public water fountain for the Livingstone Shire Council.

The Apollo A280 fountain was chosen for its customisable options, durability and accessibility. The Apollo A280 includes a stainless-steel basin, bubbler and bottle filler, and was fitted out to include a wider side panel upon which the story of National Reconciliation week can be told.


UFF’s graphic designer took care to help create a print that would flow with the design of the A280. The graphic had to be sleek and durable but most importantly, readable.


Hence, it was decided custom plaques would be used in the side panels of the fountain. These side panels were extended and customised to include custom photo-etched aluminium plaques, which were recessed into both sides of the fountain.

As part of their Reconciliation Week program, the Livingstone Shire Council announced their intention to use the commemorative fountain from Urban Fountains and Furniture in their municipality’s public space. This bespoke fountain demonstrates how customisable street furniture can be utilised to acknowledge the history of our people and our places.

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