Woolloongabba Street Improvement

Custom designed concrete seating + bike racks

About the Project

The recent Woolloongabba street upgrade project included a number of custom designed concrete seating, BCC bins, custom bike racks and our own Apollo 900 drinking fountains.

Urban worked closely with the design team and the works department to ensure that the best possible outcome was achieved. During the construction phase the scope of works altered and modifications were required to some items to achieve the desired look. We were able to accommodate those changes within the tightening time frame and budget while still providing the highest quality product and service.

The project’s striking postmodern look was achieved by utilising many different types of materials. An artist designed pattern was laser cut in to the seat back rests that were galvanized and powdercoated. The removable back rests were attached to an RHS support frame that was mounted directly to the ground. Each frame was unique to match the formwork and was fabricated at different lengths and angles.

Precision was important as the framework was manufactured in house and the formwork was done on site. The margin for error was small otherwise the framework and concrete would not have joined up. Other components such as stainless steel skateboard lugs and Kwila timber hardwood were also manufactured by us and installed to finish the look.
Stage 1 of the Woolloongabba project was officially opened on the 26th July 2009 by many BCC officials and dignitries. Stage 2 will be commencing shortly.

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