Urban FF is the leading manufacturer and supplier in Quality outdoor drinking fountains. They have an extensive range of disabled accessible fountains, upright fountains and pet accessible fountains. What sets Urban apart from their competitors is their ability to adapt and modify any of their comprehensive range to customise a particular project. With all fabrication occurring in house, UrbanFF are able to provide individual customer service and care to every order. All our fountains are made to order and to the client’s specifications. Here is a recent example of how UrbanFF customised their standard products to suit their client’s particular requests.
Our new A280 drink fountain and bottle refill caught the eye of Warringah Council in NSW for a project they were doing at Collaroy Beach. However, Warringah Council wanted to brand the fountain with their own identity showcasing the Councils logo and colours and highlighting their beautiful surroundings “Sparkling beaches, rolling waves. A vibrant community with a unique connection to nature. Welcome to Warringah, Sydney’s home of recreation”. Working closely with the projects Architect, Urban produced a fountain that compliments Warringah Councils ethos of a “spirit of play”.