Floating Umbrella Installation

Our February focus has been about brightening up public places with colour. In accordance, this month’s edition of street art around the world, we have been mesmerised by the vividly spectacular Floating Umbrella Installation in Águeda, Portugal.

The art and cultural festival, AgitÁgueda celebrated its seventh year last year, featuring music, theatre events and shows, plus one particularly special offering.

Running from 7th-29th July 2012, it became an internet hit when photos of the remarkable colourful display were spread across social media channels and websites/blogs.

Images of the floating umbrella art installation captivated all those who came across it, and in effect has put this tiny Portuguese town on the map.

Commissioned by the Council of Águeda, the creative design team, Ivo Tavares Studio worked in collaboration to create a canopy over one of the city’s main streets, with hundreds of colourful umbrellas. Ivo Tavares states the inspiration for the design was to “stimulate a traditional shopping street into an engaging visual experience”. This innovative idea effectively transformed the shopping lane into a captivating work of art.

 An array of brightly coloured umbrellas were installed, giving the illusion of floating magically in the air, however they were ingeniously suspended with wire above the buildings. This beautiful display of colour also doubled as shading, enabling those to enjoy the artwork comfortably when walking down the street in the middle of summer.  The whimsical experience was created through the combination of natural daylight, along with the effectiveness of the contrasting colours from the brightly coloured umbrellas.

 Visitors to last year’s AgitÁgueda festival were treated to an innovative and mesmerising art installation, demonstrating the effectiveness of using colour in a street scape.

* Photo courtesy of Patrícia Almeida.


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