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CF400 Multi Bank Chiller Drinking Fountain and Bottle Filler

The new CF400 chilled water fountain has been specifically designed for high volume use in places such as schools or sporting clubs.

The CF400 is a modern looking, easy to maintain fountain, designed with circularity principles for future sustainability.

Urban+ have incorporated material choices and design features to ensure the CF400 performs not only during its intended design life but beyond, by being reused/ recycled/refurbished or re purposed easily, keeping materials in use for longer and out of landfill.

The CF400 comes with a variety of options including wall mounted, floor mounted, with or without chilling capacity, premium personalisation signage, additional side basin access to meet AS1428 requirements and the choice to have only 2 or 3 tap/bubbler combinations.

Drinking fountains & refill stations

Do you need to buy NEW?

As part of our commitment to circularity, Urban+ always asks our customers, do you need to buy new?

Most schools still have reasonable, functioning hardware that can still be used when upgrading their facilities. It is often more cost effective, time efficient and environmentally friendly to retrofit existing units with upgraded hardware than to throw them in to the waste and start anew.

Urban+ is able to offer a complete range of solutions from retrofitting existing hardware, improving and upgrading facilities, to offering a new purpose designed solution for your school.

Why Choose Urban+

+ Australian Made products – all products are manufactured in our factory located in Yatala, QLD and distributed nationally.

+ All drinking fountains are WaterMark certified

+ ISO Quality Management System certified

+ Commercial grade

+ Built-in vandal resistance

+ Disabled accessible options to meet AS1428 requirements

+ Product branding options

+ Choose from Dulux’s full powder coat colour range

+ Customisation of all our standard products allowed

+ Full custom design service available

+ Service & Maintenance and Refurbishment services offered

+ Product leasing option

+ Trade in Program

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