The NEW A950 – A drinking fountain inspired by nature

We’re excited to release a new state-of-the-art drinking fountain and bottle filler – the A950.

This sleek and modern architecturally designed fountain takes inspiration from nature and simulates water running off a curved leaf. Versatile in its design, this fountain is slimline and unobtrusive in a natural setting but also has the ability to stand out and make a statement in a more dynamic environment.

Key Features

The standard A950 is crafted from a solid stainless-steel plate and comes with its own custom designed drainage grate. It has concealed fixings and welded joints to allow for its sleek appearance and enhanced durability.

With push-button activation, this fountain can be easily operated by all members of the general public but a contactless option is also available upon request.

Popular add-ons to the standard design include a bottle refill point, maintenance tap, dog bowl and tap, water filter or dual basins.

Customisable Signage/Artwork Panel

Another unique feature of the new A950 is the optional artistic back panel which transforms each fountain into a functional piece of art that can be personalised with any design to complement your project. 

Alternatively, a signage/noticeboard panel can be added instead, which allows the fountain to be both functional and informative. The sign content can be replaced with minimal effort making it a fantastic option if you would like to keep your community updated with relevant information. Ideal for installations in a public park or streetscape environment.

Disabled Accessible

Along with the options mentioned above, the A950 also has a Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant option for wheelchair accessibility. This is available as a standalone fountain or can also be incorporated into a dual basin fountain with one standard height and one reduced height basin to cater to people of all abilities.

For more information about this new fountain, visit its product page or contact the friendly Urban+ team at [email protected] or 07 3382 7372.


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