All Street and Park Furniture Products

More durable, more innovative, more aesthetic, more environmentally friendly.


About Urban+

Established in 2001, Urban+ Fountains and Furniture (Urban+) has been supplying quality street and park furniture products to some of Australia’s most frequented public spaces, education facilities and private businesses.

With a reputation for providing superior quality, environmentally friendly, and unique outdoor furniture products that can stand the test of time, we are committed to enhancing public spaces and making life better.


Trust the Experts

Our products feature in many council, landscape architecture, education and tourism projects. We are also extremely proud of our longstanding relationship with Brisbane City Council, having been a trusted supplier for more than 15 years.

With unparalleled industry experience, we have a deep understanding of the unique needs of our customers and are committed to designing products that can last. Our mission to drive the circular economy also means that we are putting sustainability first to help reduce waste and keep our products in use for as long as possible.


Drinking Fountain & Bottle Refill Specialists

As an industry leading supplier of architecturally designed drinking fountains and bottle refill stations our products are frequently specified in projects both in Australia and worldwide.

Our designs are innovative, aesthetic and compliant with WaterMark standards.

Whether you’re looking for a water bottle refill station for your school or a more traditional public drinking fountain with custom branding, we can work with you to meet your unique needs.


Custom Designs

We also understand that creating a unique space may also require a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture which is why we offer a Custom Design and Branding Service.

Over the last 20 years we have gained the expertise and knowledge required to design and manufacture custom products that will take your space to the next level. From incorporating your logo on our popular A280 drinking fountain to manufacturing a custom precast concrete seat for your new development, the Urban+ team can help.