Tully Single Bike Rack

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Tully Single Bay Bike Rack

Tully Single Bike Rack

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The Tully Single Bike Rack is a simple and solid bike rack solution for schools and parks. It can come in a variety of powder coat colours or a full stainless steel option. The laser cut bike logo feature easily communicates its purpose to students or the public and can also be customised to suit your unique application.  It can be installed as a standalone bike rack or purchase multiple racks to create a multi-bay option.
+ Height: 986mm
+ Width: 340mm
+ 8mm Solid Steel Plate
+ Laser Cut Steel Bike Logo
+ Powder Coated Finish
+ Vandal Resistant
+ 316 S/S Fixings
+ Surface Mounted
+ Australian Made
+ Galvanised Steel Finish
+ Stainless Steel Finish
+ Custom Laser Cut Logo
+ More colours also available – See the Dulux Colour Guide

+ Model: Tully Single Bike rack




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