Aston Picnic Table

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Aston Picnic Table

Aston Picnic Table

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The Aston Picnic Table is a stylish, contemporary picnic setting ideal for council parks, urban settings or seaside locations. It will enhance any public space and provide a nice facility for people to sit down and enjoy food, read a book or relax. It is also available in a range of powder coat colours or a galvanised steel finish. Disabled accessible option is available – get in touch with us to find out more.
+ Seat Height: 480mm
+ Seat Width: 450mm
+ Seat Length: 1800mm
+ Table Height: 800mm
+ Table Width: 826mm
+ 8mm Laser Cut Steel Plate
+ 75 x 45mm Triple Coated Hardwood Timber Battens
+ Powder Coated Finish
+ Solid Construction
+ Vandal Resistant
+ 316 S/S Fixings
+ Surface Mounted
+ Australian Made
+ Galvanised Only Finish
+ DWD Timber Coating
+ Skateboard lugs
+ More colours also available – See the Dulux Colour Guide

+ Model: Aston Picnic Setting




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