O fountains give new development the x factor

Newgate Development, Tarneit, Victoria

About the Project

Property Developer, Central Equity, needed their new Newgate residential development in Victoria to appeal to a wide range of buyers and engage a new community. Focusing on their core pillars or sustainability, community, and customer value, Central Equity achieved their goals by partnering with the O initiative.

Central Equity knew it’s home buyers wanted their new home ready to move into, but they also wanted the promise of a community and interesting and inclusive public spaces that support the growth of their new identity. These home buyers also made it clear that sustainability is of importance to them when deciding where to buy, adding another layer to the property development challenge.

It wasn’t simply a matter of providing the necessary infrastructure for their new development, they had to provide the building blocks for long-term sustainability and community engagement whilst also hitting tight revenue targets.

Through their research they were determined to take a more sensory approach to add meaning to Newgate. They found rich, sensory experiences actually facilitated emotional connections to people, time and place.

After investigating several design solutions, including lighting, landscaping and art, they were sold on the unique offering the O fountain could provide. It ticked several key boxes for Central Equity including public interaction, attraction and practical functionality. It was also able to highlight Newgate’s unique bio-retention reserve which adjoined a Growling Grass Frog Conservation Area, by paying homage to the creatures on the green fountain pictured below.


Central Equity liaised with the O initiative to develop a proposal that outlined maintenance costs and technical specifications for Wyndham City Council. Wyndham City was both receptive to and supportive of the development of a fresh and unique amenity that doubled as a “talking point” for the community and engaged their public arts department to initiate community involvement in the artist selection process.

the result

The Newgate community is the proud benefactor of three O fountains, with one more on the way. The delivery of these contemporary water refilling stations add to a sense of place within a newly built neighbourhood and in the case of the Growling Grass Frog, highlights local sustainability issues in a fresh way. Central Equity were delighted to have collaborated with Wyndham City and the O initiative to enhance their development in a sustainably focused and practical way.

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