Royal Flying Doctor Service

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About the Project

Urban Fountains and Furniture recently completed a project for Pro Build NT, supplying picnic tables, bins and seats for the staffing quarters in The Royal Flying Doctor Service in Alice Springs.

Our standard products, the PT02 disabled accessible picnic table, Aston Bin and the SB5 steel rod seat were all chosen by the architect, however, some modifications were required to suit the dry outback climate.

We substituted the traditional timber finish for a more durable and low maintenance finish. The timber battens on the picnic setting and bins were replaced with alloy battens and a Precious Silver Pearl powder coat finish.

This modification in the materials has created a striking contrast against the Pommel Blue framework.

In keeping with the more stylish and contemporary look, Urban has substituted the traditional ugly individual end caps, often used on the end of extruded battens for a single one piece cover plate. This keeps the lines clean and blends seamlessly with the rest of the table.


By making just a few minor changes and applying the finishes in vibrant and bold colours, the standard products in our range have taken on an whole new exciting look that will enhance or compliment any project and streetscape.

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