Exciting news – OxU+ Partnership

We are thrilled to announce that we are now the exclusive distributor of the one-of-a-kind O fountain!

This unique product combines form and function with art to create a stunning centrepiece for projects of all sizes. 

O fountain installed at The District Docklands, Victoria. Art by Lisa Roet.


The O fountain is the brainchild of designer Gretha Oost who developed the fountain as a tangible way to achieve the mission of her organisation, the O initiative, which aims to reduce the excessive use of single-use plastic bottles worldwide. 

“It feels right to enter a partnership with a company whose values are aligned with the O fountain and who will continue to foster a commitment to sustainability and the environment” Gretha Oost says.

O fountain installed at Newgate Development, Victoria. Art by Jessica Jane Illustration.

We also agree that this partnership feels like a natural fit due to our synergistic values and joint mission to provide alternative ways to combat our excessive reliance on single-use plastics.

Our Managing Director, Simon Higgins, sums it up nicely saying “Urban+ are thrilled to announce our new partnership with the O initiative as we have admired the O fountain and the overall mission of the O initiative for many years. We are passionate about creating more awareness around the need to reduce the use of single-use plastic drink bottles. 

With the addition of the O fountain to our range, we are able to not only provide our customers with another fantastic bottle refill option, but also provide a unique opportunity for real community engagement.

The O fountain will be a ‘hero’ product for Urban+ and one that I am personally looking forward to seeing in public spaces all throughout Australia”

Together, Urban+ and the O initiative will work to grow awareness of the O fountain and look forward to continuing their ongoing partnerships with forward-thinking organisations that have already installed an O fountain such as Stockland, Central Equity, Sunshine Coast Council and more.


If you have any upcoming projects you think the O fountain would be perfect for, get in touch with the Urban+ team or find out more on the O fountain product page.


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