Parks and Leisure

Parks and leisure spaces play a pivotal role in fostering community well-being. That’s why we’ve designed a line of outdoor street furniture and drinking fountains, tailored to enhance the enjoyment of these public spaces.

Our drinking fountains and bottle fillers ensure that parks remain hubs of hydration, promoting a healthy and revitalised atmosphere for everyone. Our expansive range also includes picnic tables, seats, daybeds, bike racks, bollards, tree grates, bin enclosures and showers. We firmly believe that functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor amenities contribute significantly to the overall enjoyment of parks and leisure spaces.

Discover how our innovative products can transform parks into vibrant and inviting spaces for everyone and elevate the outdoor experience. Learn more here

PT02 Picnic Table
The Edge Bollard by Urban+ is a surface-mounted fixture to protect people and property.