Basic Bench Seat

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Basic Park Bench Seat

Basic Bench Seat

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As the name suggests, the Basic Bench Seat is a simple bench seat manufactured in steel with timber slats. All seats have been designed to give optimum strength and durability. The Basic Bench is made of the highest quality imported Kwila, suitably seasoned and treated with a double stain and high quality clear coat for durability and enhanced natural appearance.
+ Seat Height: 460mm
+ Length: 1750mm
+ 50 x 50 RHS Steel Frame
+ 70x45mm Hardwood Timber Battens
+ Hot Spray Galvanised
+ Powder Coated finish
+ Triple stained timber finish
+ Solid Construction
+ Welded not bolted
+ 316 S/S Fixings
+ Surface Mounted
+ Australian Made
+ Stainless Steel Frame
+ Aluminium Battens
+ Custom Length up to 3000mm
+ Anti Graffiti Coating
+ Skateboard lugs
+ More colours also available – See the Dulux Colour Guide

+ Model: Basic Bench
+ SKU: Benchbasic




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