The SB1 Bench Seat is a great example of simple, ultramodern design. Manufactured in laser cut steel with timber slats, the SB1 has been ergonomically designed to give a comfortable seating position.All seats have been designed to give optimum strength and durability. The SB1 is made of the highest quality imported Kwila, suitably seasoned and treated with a double stain and high quality clear coat for durability and enhanced natural appearance.


  • Seat Height: 470mm
  • Length: 1700mm


  • Laser cut steel
  • Kwila timber battens 44mm x 32mm
  • Aluminium battens as an option


  • Hot spray galvanised
  • Available in a variety of powder coated colours
  • All Timber Battens are double stained and clear coated with weather protection coating.


  • Aluminium battens as an option
  • Stainless Steel body as an option

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