BT01 Picnic Table

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BT01 in ground picnic table for parks and schools

BT01 Picnic Table

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The BT01 Picnic Table is a strong inground picnic setting with wheelchair accessibility at either end of the table. Ideal for council parks, schools and other outdoor settings, the BT01 will enhance any outdoor space. Standard materials used include galvanised steel and triple coated timber battens, with optional aluminium or recycled plastic batten options also available.
+ Height: 757mm (above ground)
+ Width: 1800mm
+ Length: 1800mm
+ Wheelchair Accessible
+ Strong Steel Construction
+ Galvanised Frame
+ 190mm x 35mm Hardwood Timber Battens
+ Triple Coated Timber Protection
+ Galvanised Bolts
+ Inground Fixings
+ Australian Made
+ Aluminium Battens
+ Recycled Plastic Battens
+ DWD Timber Coating
+ Custom Sizes Available
+ Skateboard lugs
+ Powder Coated Finish See the Dulux Colour Guide

+ Model: Picnic Table BT01
+ SKU: BT01 (with timber battens)
BT01-A (with aluminium battens)
BT01-P (with recycled plastic battens)





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