CF200 Chilled Outdoor Drinking Fountain

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CF200 Chilled Outdoor Drinking Fountain

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  • Monument
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The CF200 chilled outdoor drinking fountain has been designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate. This versatile fountain also incorporates a bottle filler to fill water bottles with fresh, cool, filtered water. Built to Urban+’s usual high standard, taking into account the need to reduce the risk of potential vandalism and the harsh Australian climate, the CF200 chiller fountain is perfectly designed for your outdoor space.
+ Total Height: 992mm
+ 769mm x 370mm base
+ Heavy Duty One Piece Steel Construction
+ Bottle Filler
+ Fully Welded not Bolted
+ 316 S/S Basin and Fixings
+ Easy Action Button
+ 30 L/hour Chilling Capacity
+ Australian Made
+ Vandal Resistant
+ Concealed Fixings
+ Tap and Dog Bowl
+ Maintenance Tap
+ Carbon Filter
+ Inground Fixing Cage
+ Anti Graffiti Coating
+ More colours also available – See the Dulux Colour Guide

+ Model: CF200 Chilled Outdoor Drinking Fountain
+ SKU: DFCF200
+ DFCF200D (with tap & dog bowl)




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