Urban Fountains and Furniture was approached by a Brisbane private school to design, manufacture and install stadium style pool seating that would comfortably seat up to 250 adults.

The needs of the client were threefold. Firstly the seating needed to be strong enough not only to hold 250 adults for swim carnivals and events, but also to withstand the everyday wear and tear by students during daily swimming programmes. Secondly, the seating needed to be durable, easy to clean and maintain. Thirdly, the use of space had to optimised to ensure that it would fit in the available area. The seating was to be installed on a 12 degree slope and this needed to be considered during fabrication of the foot supports.

There were particular budget and time restraints imposed on the project due to government funding, and installation needed to occur during out of term time when students were not using the pool.

Urban chose aluminium seating planks and laser cut aluminium back supports in preference to other materials because it would require little ongoing maintenance and would not rust in the pool environment. Budget constraints did not allow the use of Stainless Steel. Additional back supports and bracing has been used to ensure that there would not be any flex in the seating and would be able to take the weight of up to 250 adults.

The end result was a strong durable set of stadium style seats that will be enjoyed by the school and its students for many years to come.